Thank you for donating to ReSpectacle! We could not do this without you. Scroll to see how you can:

Donate Financially

Donate Your Spectacles

Donate Your Time

Donate Financially

$5 is all it takes to match one pair of glasses to the person who needs them. All donations directly support our mission, facilitating the redistribution of quality, donated eyeglasses to underserved communities worldwide.

Donations can be submitted through the secure donation form below or, if you prefer, via mail to this address:

529 2nd Street, Suite 100
Hudson, WI 54016

Donation receipts for tax purposes will be emailed to you from PayPal or can be obtained through your PayPal account. If you choose to mail a financial donation, please indicate you would like a tax receipt and provide an email address or mailing address. Please email if you have any questions.

Donate Your Spectacles

We accept donationed glasses in gently-used condition. We are currently accepting donation through mail at this address:

529 2nd Street, Suite 100
Hudson, WI 54016

Glasses usually do best when they have a little padding. The best option is always to send the spectacles in a glasses case; but if that is not possible, a bubble mailer or a little bubble wrap in the package are usually enough to keep those spectacles in "gently-used" condition. If you are sending more than 3 pairs, a cardboard box works well. Just make sure you pad any extra space so they have a smooth ride.

ReSpectacle does not currently track in-kind donations, but you can self-fill a printable donation receipt here for your tax records.

Email if you have any questions.

Please note: ReSpectacle cannot pay for the shipping costs of used glasses.

What does “gently-used” mean?

The basic guideline we use is the question, “Would I be comfortable giving someone these glasses?” We are in the happy position of having enough donations that we can be a little picky. The following issues immediately disqualify glasses from the catalog:

  • Missing one or both temples (sometimes called "arms")
  • Missing one or both nose pads
  • Missing one or both lenses
  • Lenses that are loose or readily fall out
  • Lenses with major cracks (more than 1/4" or 1/2 cm)
  • Lenses difficult to see through due to scratches or peeling coatings
  • Hinges that are non-functioning or missing hardware
  • Any sharp points
  • Deformation beyond simple repair

Used glasses with these issues have sadly reached the end of their useability and should not be sent to ReSpectacle.

Volunteer Your Time

There are a few ways you can give your time to ReSpectacle:

1. Have a glasses drive

We have been the grateful beneficiaries of donations from optical shops, service organizations, church groups, Eagle Scout projects, and Mitzvah projects. People in every community have old glasses that they cannot use but would rather not throw away! Help add to ReSpectacle’s catalog by rounding up the gently-used spectacles in your area and shipping them to:

529 2nd Street, Suite 100
Hudson, WI 54016

Please see the Glasses section for best packaging practices.

Note: We previously had a map of drop-off donation locations. This had fallen out of date and is being updated before we publish a new one. If you would like to list your location as a collection site, please email

2. Host a fundraiser

Facebook and other 21st-century platforms make digital fundraising as easy as ordering glasses from ReSpectacle. Consider setting up a fundraiser if you can clearly see ReSpectacle’s vision of sight accessible to all. Reach out to for questions about fundraising.

3. Share on social media

Respectacle is on Facebook and Instagram. Spread the word!

4. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for changes

As we continue to upgrade our current website, there will be exciting opportunities in the near future for more ReSpectacle chapters, easier donation tracking, and ways you can help from your own home! These are in development and we will announce these options on Facebook as we iron out the wrinkles.

5. If you live in the Minnesota Twin Cities area

Come volunteer at our first dedicated Volunteer Center in Hudson, Wisconsin. We have plenty of work that individual volunteers, family and other groups can do to help ReSpectacle further its purpose. Reach out to to find a time you can help photograph glasses, describe spectacles, and admire our Wall of Frame!